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Monday, September 27, 2010

Casual Cool

It's up and down on the temperature in Cape Town this month ...It was overcast and I went shopping so there was lots of walking going on....
I simply love these harem jeans ...they're so comfortable....I paired it up with grey pumps and a grey top and jkt....And non other than a good studded blk bag..A Staple!!! definitely!!
If you're wearing baggy pants rem to pair it with a tight tee..this look could work with heels too...
Fashion Hint: For those in SA...have you seen Fashion express pumps..they're stunning with an affordable price....BONUS!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mad Hatter

I'm mad about a hat...most hats...I love them and after my shopping day sat I opened the bags and I had more hats than anything else....
I simply adore this outfit since it combines all the things I love...
1. A cheeky printed tee....Love the girly attitude tee in this pic.....
2. Skinny Jeans.....they make your legs look longer ....nothing wrong with a little height....
3.Cropped jkt or shrug....The one I'm wearing has a ruffle knit fabric that's interesting and has a pink stripe lining....LOVE!!!!
4. Sequin pumps......I love anything sequin....the pumps are two tone silver and blk with a bow at the front...
5. My Awesum Military hat.....It's like a grandpa style but has a badge with chains on the side.....LOVE!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spring Day

We had like a glimpse of sun on Saturday....and that was it since Sunday it rained....
I realise there and then that the weather has such a big influence on what I wear..As I hate getting cold!!! Damn!
I simply love this voile print dress it's so casual and easy to wear. I bought the hate on sat and couldn't wait it wear it so I popped it on as I left the shop!!!
lol....Passionate about my Purchase!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Denim Diva

Did everyone know the denim started out as a work wear fabric???
So i take full advantage when it comes to denim ....I wear it all the time ....
Summer always sees an introduction of bleached denim like the shirt I'm wearing....
When the shirt has a light wash rem to wear a jeans with a darker wash...Pair the two with tan or grey for a casual take...now you're ready for a real western!!
Go get'em CowGirl!!
Love, Wendy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Monochromatic ....

You guys are spoilt this week with three blog posts....Yeah...!!

I've noticed that my palette has become sooo monochromatic...It's obvious I love the chanelism take on a blk and milk combination..
I simply love this sweater/jersey dress with it's lovely lace trim and frill as the front...I wore it with a Parker jkt with gold zip and press stud trim...

The stud bag is a must and don't be afraid of mixing gold and silver accessories together..it adds depth...
I love the palette so much the insert below is of my niece in the same colours...Def a mini me trend emerging in fashion for ladies and girls..so it's very easy to take the same theme, trend or colour palette over to girl swear too!!

Have an awesome fashion fix today...
Happy fri!
Ps if you'd like to view a larger image please click on the pic & click zoom...x

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cardigan Craze....

Now you will think I dressed my fiance but, you will be pleasantly surprised as he too is a Metro-Fa-Sexual.....Metro sexual male who loves Fashion...silly...
For those who know Cape Town weather...we can have every season in one week..so Sunday the weather was nice but, it was right to take something with as a cover-up..just in case....You know just in case we got there and it was...Winter again...!
So here is my Boy featuring the ever essential Men's cardie worn with a deep vee in grey...with skinnies and red converse....Stunning!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

MJ Madness

We went to see the Thriller tribute to Micheal Jackson on sat, now although I don't care for they way he lived his personal life I do love the music....and let's all face it...he was incredibly talented in many ways influencing fashion and music in what ever he does...

I Do believe that children follow suit as far as their families are concerned so naturally my niece Amber would love music and fashion...Whenever we see a show involving music she can't stay in her seat!!! AAWH the proud moment of influence from my family...lol..

Anyway I managed to make my friends and I tee's...In the main pic is Verity (my good friend who loves fashion too) her daughter Lara...(Note the white socks and blk shoes...Eat you heart out!) and me in a pleather type biker pant with zips..sequin pumps and sequin jkt......Right side pic is of Amber who wore a sequin legging...(if only I could get her to sit still..Too much sugar)

Oh and my Fiance not featured as he took the pics...Sorry Dames!!
The show was awesome....Billy Jean is not my lover....LOL!!
Sequin you soon,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Floral Fusion.....

Finally the weather is looking a bit better....So i thought it was time for a bit of floral fusion....Although it seemed more of a transitional floral it definitely reminds me of a retro-ish type floral....and we all know how I love a little modern retro!!
Anyway I had to show you guys the headband I got...LOL it's massive and looks like some kinda ribbon type toilet roll cover on my head...Seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase but, now it seems way OTT!!!

Nothing like a good laugh at yourself early in the morning!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Is it still Winter in Cape Town....?

Yes my friends with a closet full of Spring dresses and tops.....It's still winter here!!! Darn it!!!
I'm sooo upset when my fiance yelled about the evening rain last night...I was about to bare my legs and feet in a pursuit to welcome spring but, it has not arrived!!!
So there I was upset as ever....I decided to go back into the winter warmers and wear my little sweet check jkt I absolutely Love!!
It's a cute little retro style jkt with a hood...and black jeans and my last winter buy which is a OTK boot...(over-the-knee) which is flat so it's comfortable and easy to wear..
I added a brooch to the jkt in purples...maybe a bit over the top but, what the hell might as well go all the way while I await Spring to come over and visit this side of the world!!!
See ya,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I love my Sailor!

Every Summer the first trend to emerge is the Nautical Trend....I tend to follow very carefully on that trend and from a safe distance ....I think it reminds me of Dynasty Days.....
Anyway enough about my feelings....My latest way is to try the quirky side of nautical like this panel print tee with the over-sized bow....I simply love it!!!

I took a spotted ribbon and made a bow and stuck it onto my cardi to create a bow brooch....How cute.....!!!!

Lets navigate our way to Fashion!!!