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Monday, September 13, 2010

MJ Madness

We went to see the Thriller tribute to Micheal Jackson on sat, now although I don't care for they way he lived his personal life I do love the music....and let's all face it...he was incredibly talented in many ways influencing fashion and music in what ever he does...

I Do believe that children follow suit as far as their families are concerned so naturally my niece Amber would love music and fashion...Whenever we see a show involving music she can't stay in her seat!!! AAWH the proud moment of influence from my family...lol..

Anyway I managed to make my friends and I tee's...In the main pic is Verity (my good friend who loves fashion too) her daughter Lara...(Note the white socks and blk shoes...Eat you heart out!) and me in a pleather type biker pant with zips..sequin pumps and sequin jkt......Right side pic is of Amber who wore a sequin legging...(if only I could get her to sit still..Too much sugar)

Oh and my Fiance not featured as he took the pics...Sorry Dames!!
The show was awesome....Billy Jean is not my lover....LOL!!
Sequin you soon,


  1. Great blog! Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  2. Hi Wendy. If you're feeling safer about nautical :0 enter the jean paul gaultier giveaway http://fablefairy.blogspot.com vintage street giveaway. Love your floral dress please leave a comment on my blod saying how you made it x x

  3. Look how gorgeous you all look! Must have been all eyes on you guys!

  4. Thanks for your comments guys....yes Ant people were asking us where we got the tees from...!!!


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