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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Floral Fusion.....

Finally the weather is looking a bit better....So i thought it was time for a bit of floral fusion....Although it seemed more of a transitional floral it definitely reminds me of a retro-ish type floral....and we all know how I love a little modern retro!!
Anyway I had to show you guys the headband I got...LOL it's massive and looks like some kinda ribbon type toilet roll cover on my head...Seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase but, now it seems way OTT!!!

Nothing like a good laugh at yourself early in the morning!!


  1. You look too cute! I am loving the retro floral. It reminds me of something Jackie would have worn in That 70s show.

    The headband looks cool in these pics. Tell me, where did you buy your bag? Love it!

  2. I love that boots and bag!!!! where can i get a pair like that!!! i just love it!!

  3. You look great in the floral shirt.

    xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

  4. Hey Guys,
    The boots are from Edgars but, they were bought at the begging of winter already...The bag was bought from my new bag dealer...If you want the info let me know he will deliver in CT to your door!!!
    @Ant..Yes exactly...lol from the 70's show!!!Glad you guys like...xxx


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