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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crushed Parker- http:.//www.closetspace.co.za

Ok guys.....as you know the items in my cupboard are limited and hardly any of the fit my growing belly but, I bidded on Closet Space for this crushed parker which I absolutely ADORE!!!
Seems that it will be mine asbidding closes fri....I have to watch it closely though!!!!
I already know how I will wear it and it can transition between Winter and Summer...
Go check it out...http://www.closetspace.co.za

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hi Guys,
How are all of you!!?I thought I'd make the most of the sunny weather last week and take Amber out for lunch!!.....I find it soooo sweet that she loves drinking tea...So most times when we go out for lunch she orders tea because it comes in a tea pot and then the milk comes separately too...How Sweet!!
We went to the Chart Farm at Wynberg Park....It's the most quaint little place ever with home-made cakes, pies, quiche's etc...It was really stunning!!!
And of course you're allowed to pic roses for only R4 each...totally up Amber's alley!..lol....But, in true Amber Style...climbing tress was a must!!!
And as most of you can see I swallowed a soccer ball....ooops!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friends Forever

"The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories.”

Every so often my oldest friends get together ....this time we got together and they surprised me by throwing my a stunning baby shower at the Mount Nelson....How stunning!!!!
We killed ourselves with laughter.... as always and we caught up on what we've been up to......
As always the snacks were freaking awesome!!!! And the vanilla tea amazing...
So all of us always bring our digital cameras with and the Waiter say "Can I take a photo".....lol....Everybodys camera comes out and he runs off to get a second Waiter to help with the pics....We all had to laugh.....!!!
Lovies guys,Wendy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I went to a friends Fashion Show "Given by Roza" recently and trust me, my entire wardrobe was lying on my bed.....It seems all my clothes have shrunk...Yes!!! I wonder who would do such a thing!!!
Anyway I managed to find this awesome animal dress I always loved....Somehow the length on this one was significantly shorter than I rem...Luckily, my woolen tights saved me as they always do....I seriously don't think I could make it out alive this winter without them.....I also thought....As soon as I have of the Fashion Show I will post them!!
Lovies my little fashion victims!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Shower

Hey guys,
Since I've been so crazy busy I seriously am neglecting my blog....that said I do have a cold and since I can't take anything I am seriously hanging on by a thread!!!!
OK that's a lie but, I am sick though....
Recently I went to a Baby Shower at the Mount Nelson and Oh was it nice....We had an awesum time. We laughed at the top of our voice and pretty sure wee gave the regulars ear-ache! It was probably said that we were a bunch of ban shes laughing and talking above the piano playing....
There was a little fire going and they served Hot Choc and the cakes were freaking awesum!!!! Surely I've nervously packed on a few pounds.....aaargh!
Never-the-less I wish the Mum, Dad and Baby everything of the best!
Lovies Wens,x