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Thursday, February 24, 2011

St Yves Camps bay

So Sat I dusted my dancing shoes off and went out with the girls to St Yves in Capms bay.....Ok I didn't dust them off ...I bought new ones...I love them these grey heels.....I wore a blush coloured bubble dress from Foschini...STUNNING!!!

Myself, Len and Anthea from www.embracingstyle.com had such alot of fun!!! We met a few other bloggers and fashion addicts!!!

Stunning ...I Loved It!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Headband

Ok peeps so you all know that I love Headbands and that it can help with the MINCING of the front baby hair.....So I love this new winter headband....Dont you?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ballet Pink

Oh how could I not fall inlove with the ballet pink colour....? It's so stunning.....I mean to fall inlove with a colour.....lol....Sound crazy but, in theory sometimes when you unpack your cupboard you have much of the same colours....Mostly Black....
But, now I'm mad about Ballet Pink...I love my cream embroided mesh dress and the cardi with the lace trim (I've now worn to death)....but, by far my favourite are those ballet shoes with major embelishment....LOVE!!!!
And of course I saw my sister and she looked gorgeous for someone who has a month old baby...How cute is her little pinafore dress!!!
Now if only I can get Dames to watch the Black Swan movie with me so I can fall inlove with it too.....
Lovely weekend guys!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Best of both

Hey Peeps,
How was your fabulous weekend.....Mine was awesum as it has been for a while....
Anyway back to Fashion....! I love this wrap dress I'm wearing....it's simply awesum as I'm loving Navy Blue....And Floral!!!

I found these stunning pumps wit the navy and white stripe bow and gold anchor detail which matched the dress perfectly.....

Back to work guys,
Mwah, Love ya!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Summer Sensation

At this very moment I LOVE DRESSES! I'm sure everyone has the same feeling!!! Right?
And i simply adore this little white ground floral dress because of it's open back and crushed voile fabric....

The perfect way to beat the air-conditioner that was broken in the office this day!!!lol...
I love the way it falls above the knee and has a forgiving waistline after that Xmas's eating frenzy!!!

Stay Cool,
Love Wendy

Monday, February 7, 2011

Floral Fantasy

I have always loved florals ....winter and summer......but, I especially love the pinky toned ones since I am a "girly girl!"

Thats why I simply love this off-the-shoulder tee......It's awesum......I loved pairing it with a dusty pink short and tan plaited belt and tan platform heels......My sister says those shoes are jerseylicious shoes.....I have to laugh!!!
Anyway.....I'm gona hold onto every bit of summer I can!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Love Baguettes!!

So as promised a little peek into the city of Paris.....The best part of paris is the BREAD!!! Now as most of us have to try and do is cut out the bread....In Paris I try to eat it as much as possible!!!
It's usually freezing, which it was, nobody speaks english and the cab drives are usually very hectic!!!! AAAARGH!!
But, it is a beautiful place and walking past every building there is something to look at, everything looks a million years old but, it works fabulously!!!
I just had to fit in with my sequin beret of course!!!
In the smaller pics there is a toilet that had neon and printed toilet paper!!!
The other is a shopping mall...and some street pics of monuments!!!
Au Revior, l'amour!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Naughty Nautical!!

So myself and Damien get really caught up and are really busy all the time so we have these date nights which is great cuz I get to dress up...Yeah....!!!

We went to a resturant called Cape to Cuba and it's so beautiful....It's like a mix of everything cuban....It's so awesome and even the waiters dress up in theme too...!

And since it is at the beach and you all know i love nautical I thought wow.....What about a navy blue nautical pant with gold detail buttons and a simple tee with gold sandals, I think tis trend comes around every Summer but, always in a different way, I think navy is my fav colour to wear and the newness comes in when you mix it with blk too.....I really love this outfit and it was really comfortable!!!Bonus!

The food was amazing I definitely recommend going there!!!
Love Wens,x

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Summer Sorbet Delight

Hello My People!!!! I'm terribly sorry for leaving you guys so often.....! I was travelling for work....I will post pics soon!!!!
Anyway I decided i still had good pics that I took over the holidays that I had wanted to post...So here goes...
We went to Boulders Beach....How freaking stunning!
It's always more difficult for me to dress casual so I wore a tie-dye mini halter-neck dress with a choc hat and purple tipping...I love that dress,I got it a while ago from TRF....
We were joined by Tarnia, Antonio and Kids and of course you already know my SIL Lenoray and BIL Rickey and their kids.....And my family Amber-jade and my fiance Damien....
Afterward we stopped at this Itallian Ice-Cream shop......Amber-jade made me buy her two scoops only ate the one scoop and poor Damien in the usual fashion had to eat the balance....Naughty Girl...I have no Doubt I will have the same problem with the new Addition to our family tooo....Poor Me!!lol