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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Summer Sensation

At this very moment I LOVE DRESSES! I'm sure everyone has the same feeling!!! Right?
And i simply adore this little white ground floral dress because of it's open back and crushed voile fabric....

The perfect way to beat the air-conditioner that was broken in the office this day!!!lol...
I love the way it falls above the knee and has a forgiving waistline after that Xmas's eating frenzy!!!

Stay Cool,
Love Wendy


  1. like u need a forgiving waistline! ;-)...i know u said summer sensation but u remind me of a lovely spring morning, so fresh and new :-)

  2. lol a very clever disguise is this waistling e my friend!!!I sooo over-ate!!!...Its does look very srping but i think the really open back makes it more summery...could def work both ways though...I never really wear white but I love this dress!mwah!

  3. Pretty dress! Talking about not wearing white, I am wearing all white because I am supposed to be dressed as a cricket player for a work thingie today. The embarrassment!

  4. @Anthea....A cricket player?lol...Shame man, at least theres some kinda excitment happening!!!


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