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Thursday, February 24, 2011

St Yves Camps bay

So Sat I dusted my dancing shoes off and went out with the girls to St Yves in Capms bay.....Ok I didn't dust them off ...I bought new ones...I love them these grey heels.....I wore a blush coloured bubble dress from Foschini...STUNNING!!!

Myself, Len and Anthea from www.embracingstyle.com had such alot of fun!!! We met a few other bloggers and fashion addicts!!!

Stunning ...I Loved It!!!


  1. We had such a great time! I like what you did with the pictures :) Still in love with that blush dress.

    oh and that's www.embracingstyle.co.za :)

  2. It was a truly awesome evening. I can't stop staring at your shoes. Gorgeous.

  3. also love the playful pics of you on the swing

  4. LOL...@Ant....Sorry babes....Im a bit challenged in the computer sector....Apologies!!
    @Len......Thc honey,Mwah....trust me to get on the swing....lol

  5. sounds like a fun trip! remember to follow my blog@ www.fashion-shuffle.blogspot.com

  6. how very sex & the city...carrie bradshaw eat ur heart out!! :-)


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