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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Love Baguettes!!

So as promised a little peek into the city of Paris.....The best part of paris is the BREAD!!! Now as most of us have to try and do is cut out the bread....In Paris I try to eat it as much as possible!!!
It's usually freezing, which it was, nobody speaks english and the cab drives are usually very hectic!!!! AAAARGH!!
But, it is a beautiful place and walking past every building there is something to look at, everything looks a million years old but, it works fabulously!!!
I just had to fit in with my sequin beret of course!!!
In the smaller pics there is a toilet that had neon and printed toilet paper!!!
The other is a shopping mall...and some street pics of monuments!!!
Au Revior, l'amour!


  1. Looks so interesting! I would love to go sometime.

  2. HI Anthea,
    You should definitely go!!! it's stunning!!!

  3. i would love to go to paris again..it is an amazing city!so much history! i see u went to gallaries lafayette..did u buy anything there? for me it was more look but do not touch! LOL ..and u right, the bread is to die for!


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