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Monday, September 6, 2010

Is it still Winter in Cape Town....?

Yes my friends with a closet full of Spring dresses and tops.....It's still winter here!!! Darn it!!!
I'm sooo upset when my fiance yelled about the evening rain last night...I was about to bare my legs and feet in a pursuit to welcome spring but, it has not arrived!!!
So there I was upset as ever....I decided to go back into the winter warmers and wear my little sweet check jkt I absolutely Love!!
It's a cute little retro style jkt with a hood...and black jeans and my last winter buy which is a OTK boot...(over-the-knee) which is flat so it's comfortable and easy to wear..
I added a brooch to the jkt in purples...maybe a bit over the top but, what the hell might as well go all the way while I await Spring to come over and visit this side of the world!!!
See ya,


  1. Typical..Cape town always surprises a person!!


  2. Very cute jacket. I love it! The brooch is such a lovely addition. I am patiently waiting for Spring! I checked the weather forecast and they say that Saturday is going to be a scorcher. Let's hope that doesn't change!

  3. i love that jacket...and that look, that is how i like to dress winter time...boots, nice jacket and a jeans...i love fashion and the way you guys do it with shorts in winter...i can't do that so this is my fav look...

  4. Love the jacket! such a great plaid

    now following you!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments guys.....The hood on that jkt really helps with Cape Town's little drizzle sessions!!!

  6. I love this coay/jacket :))




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