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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mothers day

Hey Guys,
As you all know I'm a littel delayed this month and I'm only posting my Mothers day post a week late but, for those who know me personally.....They know my Mom and my Sister are my best friends in the whole world....As you know I could kill them and then 5 mins later we friends again....LOL...
Anyway I'm sure most of you notice my expanding body lately and yes I am pregnant...so options in dressing up are very limited.....!
So I just died when I saw the awesum tee with the fruit and butterflies (my weakness is butterflies on clothing and of course tan boots and jkts...I Love Them)!
And of course the most scary part of everything is that Amber is wearing a ditsy floral dress in and adult 6.....She died when she saw it and had to have it so.....Shocking but, true.....Amber-jade is growing up and would wana be in my wardrobe soon!!! yikes
Anyway peeps I gotta go....Please rem that I'm still running my Fringe purse giveaway....So don't forget to enter!


  1. HI Wendy!!
    there are a few things i want to comment so lets start:
    You are going to be one of the most radiant pregnant peeps i know and oh congrats again.. :)
    Tisha, 2 gorgeous kids later and check at that body...
    Your mom stunning as always..
    And Amber oh my hat, she is passing diva school with flying colours...A+ for her...

  2. You all look so lovely. Your body doesn't look expanding in these pics! Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy :)

  3. Hey Hayley,
    Thanks again, Ya I know my sisters like a size 8...(vomit!) Anyway Amber is becoming too much for me to handle...lol...But, I guess I could say that same for ur boys....?
    @Anthea, trust me ....it's expandin!!!lol...

  4. It was really good to see you Mother's Day. You looking absolutely stylish in the printed top and those divine boots!
    As with being pregnant is concerned ..... I AM SO FRIGGING EXCITED FOR YOU !!!!!! And me :0)I'm going to be aunty again!

  5. expanding body? please, then i look more pregnant than u!lol!luv luv luv ur boots, where'd u buy them cos i nd a pair!

  6. @Len, ya I know ur excited.....lol...
    @Ilhaam, The boots are so freakin old...like 100 years old and the buckle is breakin but I so love them and they're so comfortable....That seems to be the best benefit of boots that you have for one season.....!!


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