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Monday, May 23, 2011

Winter is here!

Hey Guys,
I was sick last week so once again the blog was the last thing on my mind....Anyway, I decided since I was absent I will run the fringe purse giveaway for another week....SO you still got a chnace to enter!!!

My weekend was restful and I thought I'd better take it easy and rest.....since winter is upon us....I must say I find it hard to wear dresses in winter even though I die to wear stockings and boots.....I have this awesum winter dress that is so stunning and is very forgiving as far as the ruffles on it goes.....

Have an awesum week guys and Hope ur week is not so cold....brrrr!!!


  1. Glad you're better now!

    You're looking gorgeous! Your over the knee boots look awesome on you.

  2. Love the dress it's so adorable-linked to your blog off Anthea's really like what you're doing very "real" :)

  3. stunning dress!i actually bought myself a dress at mr price the other day cos i think dresses and boots really spice up the winter wardrobe..altho i think i would freeze in ur outfit with the temperatures we having in JHB ;-)


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