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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hi Guys, So here it is, as most of you already know I've been away and I just got back.....I got a little something to give away...!!!
It's a cute little fringed purse....it's from London and you couls have it all you have to do is......comment on this post and tell me what item you can't live without in your wardrobe and what item has proved to be a useless piece of crap!!!!
I also took a few pics of the store windows.....they're just decorated so stunning....
Much Love Wens,xx


  1. the store windows look so awesome..gotta luv London!!:-)lets see, at the moment i can't live without the greys in my wardrobe..for some reason i find myself wearing something grey alot of the week, its like my new favourite colour and i didn't realise how many grey things i had until i got a fabulous grey sling bag and boots for my birthday:-) as for the crap...um,i dnt own any crap,i'm a wise shopper ;-) hehehehe!!

  2. @Ilhaam, yes grey def has taken over!!!! Team up your greys with camel boots or tops/jkts for an totally chic new look....!!!
    Ps I wish I was as wise as you re the no crap in the wardrobe!!!!

  3. Love love love that purse. I have a little thing for fringe.

    Can't live without pantihose these days. It seems Winter is here already.

  4. I can't live without my black H&M trench coat. It kept me warm during all those chilly winter days and also looks fab when I wear it with my office clothes and looks good as well on those night out in town. Whenever I want to dress up casually, I just wear it with jeans and boots. I seriously can't live without it. Been using it for more than 3 years and it's still in excellent condition. It's fashion, quality, comfort and style in 1. I've got this one bad buy, I bought a black top in China Town and when I washed it, it left a stain on my other clothes. I paid R50 for it, only to stain my other clothes worth more than R100. So there, lesson learned. But I still love shopping in China Town, but more careful now in handling the clothes:) Love love love the fringe clutch. Have never owned a clutch ever. Hope I'll be lucky to finally own one:)

  5. @Anthea, Hey Girl, I've always loved pantihose but, the truth is that I've found my best pairs in London. Try out winter long socks that peep out of your boots, they also add a cool effect!

    @Des, I hear you re China town....It's crazy so I just avoid going there unless I'm looking for something I know they have....I love your story....anout how it ruined your other clothes....Unfortunately funny but, sad at the same time....Thanks for popping in...Mwah!

  6. my can't do with out item is defs my scarf collection - yeah know thats not one item but i have the best collection of scarfs and i love them all equally! they keep me warm and spice up any outfit :)

    Could live without item is my polka dot gum boots - i wanted a pair for ages and these were given to me as a pressie and i love them to bits coz they soooo cute but they are useless at keeping your feet warm so i always choose other boots over them so now they just look pretty standing next to my mirror and watching my fashion parade :)

  7. Boots, Boots and more boots! I'm what you call "hard on shoes" which is strange seen I am so tiny (1.56m). I just like to "play soccer" in my shoes I suppose. So now I have to get in new stock because last seasons' boots are trashed.

    I try to purchase wisely and don't really end up with useless items. I also try not to hoard so if ever I am tired of an item I donate it.


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