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Monday, May 9, 2011

Camp Easter

Hey Guys,
I've been sooooo busy but, I just had to make a post about my easter weekend.....Thats how delayed and busy I've been!!!!

Anyway we went to Monte Christo.....and it was awesum.....!!! My mom and Amber went with and it was quite nice except the toilet thing.....didn't enjoy gettin up in the middle of the night with a torch.......!hmmmmm!!

Anyway.....tooo much chocolate and tooo much laughter......
Please make sure you pop in later in this week for my next giveaway...It's gona be awesum!


  1. Looks like it was a fun Easter weekend!

  2. Hi Anthea,
    Yes def fun....execpt for the rain on the day we had to leave!!

  3. i can only go camping if the toilet is right next to my tent and there's a plug for my ghd!hahaha!!

  4. lol....theres a plug but no toilet next to the text.....better idea in summer!.....


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