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Monday, January 17, 2011

Festive Rediscovery

Hey My bloggers!!!!
I'm back from my bloggers break!!!!
The festive season was freaking awesum and I've had such a good time....I almost totally forgot about my blog...Not to fear I'm back!!!

Happiness is a conscious decision and so consciously happy I re-discovered myself, my family and relationship....
I realised that some friends are for a season and some friends are for a reason!!!!And that you can't believe everything people tell you and that you have to get rid of dead wood that hold you back...Thank goodness this meant my xmas gift list was significantly shorter...
My load feels lighter and I'm sooo excited about my prospects with My fiance this year!!!

I just included quick pics of my in a hippy maxi dress which I absolutely LOVE!!! its so easy to wear and of course my Amber-jade who thinks this is a family blog....And my sister gave birth to Ambers new sister Georgia!!! I feel so alive and happy to be back!!!

Thanks for supporting my blog and for keep visiting!!!
Much Love,


  1. Hi Wendy,

    Lovely post! I can feel the energy and that your psyched for this year. Love the dress and looking forward to meeting Georgia.

  2. Hi Wens, love the outfit and really glad that you back looking forward to your great blog post's this year...aahhh Georgia, i also wanna see her...cutie pie...and your little apprentice beautfiful as ever... :)

  3. @Ant,...LOL...yes, positive is they Key!!!!
    Thanks for the lovely comments guys and as always ur support!
    Heres to a wonderful year ahead!

  4. Amazing outfit and lovely pics! <33

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment.
    Love the maxi dress.

  6. Ah, pretty maxi dress! I'm happy you had a good festive season!


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