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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Camp Christmas

So at Xmas I decided I had enuf of fashion for the year and that I would start an Anti-Fashion campaign!!!!
We went away for xmas which saved us from the traditional xmas lunch, standing in front of the stove cooking the entire day before to spend less than an hour eating it!!!
We went camping at the river second year in a row and it was Fantastic..We had guitar playing around the fire at night, we had an Hawaiian evening and drank tequila!!!.....
I did however discover that I couldn't live without a few items that really served it purpose well.....
1. My Havaianas....Those bitches rock!!!
2. My board shorts!!! I simply adore them too!!
3. My Ray-Bans.....I never leave home without them...they don't age and protect ur eyes...I gotta have them...
4. A vest top....I love the apple green one I'm wearing cuz i love green but, also becuz my fiance picked this one up for me!
5. My blackberry...cuz even though it was great to get away I missed my Mom...I think I called her 5 times on xmas day!!!..


  1. Now sounds like a lekker Christmas. I've been trying to get the family to go away for Christmas, but they don't seem to want to!

  2. That river looks familiar! Maybe somewhere in the Overberg Wendy??

  3. Lurv the pics! It was such a relaxing weekend. Glad to have spent it with all of you!!

  4. @Len,
    Yes it was lovely!!!thx for orgnising it!
    @Ant, I think it's the next best thing next to sliced bread...
    @Little Miss, No idea but, I know it is at the breede river...Sorry! I wasn't driving...lol


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