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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Belles

Hi Guys,
Busy as always I've neglected my blog....Still taking pics though....!
My cousin got married recently and I just love weddings.....
I think the photographer was getting a bit irritated cuz the entire party of guests attending were taking pics on their digital cameras and BB's.....lol...Techinology!!!!

Never-the-less the pics came out stunning and myself and my mom seemed by mere coincidence to match the colours of the wedding!!!....

Anyway my cousins all looked stunning as always...
I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours and may they grow from strength to strength within their marriage!


  1. LOL @ all the guest taking pics...i went to a friend's weddding and it was exactly the same, of cos i was also part of that crew that was all in the photographer's way! lol

    so y r u and mom trying to upstage the bride with ur colour co-ordinated outfits..huh?huh? ;-)totally loving the bump!! :-)


  2. LOL...ya....I see thats the norm, People r taking a million pics and getting in the way.....it makes me think of the day of my baby shoer when the waitor asked if we want to take pics and we hauled out about 7 cameras!!!!
    Yip the bump is growing.....mwahz!


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