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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Resistance!!! I think NOT!!!

Hey Guys,
Rem for those who havnt enetered the giveaway I'm still running it to the end of this week so dont forget to post your comments....

Now As most of you know I can't resist a sale nor can I resist a military jkt....Needless to say none of them can close at the moment....But that wont stop me....I picked up my lastest victim at Legit for like R50...I mean...thats like nothing!!!!

I sometimes wonder this obsession comes from and I kill myself laughing thinking it might've come from Micheal Jackson back in the day .....lol...!!! He is a fashion icon you know!!!

Anyway....as you can also tell the waistline is ecpanding rapidly...Cuteness....I'm loving it.....I have a feeling I will be obsessing about that too.....



  1. hey my chick you look so cute with your ever expanding belly!!! I always think fashionable preganant fairies are totally awesome!!! :)

  2. Love the jacket and only R50! Wowee!

    I especially love the fact that it's cropped. I have a little thing for cropped jackets :)

  3. u like the most fashionable mommy-2-be!!luv the jacket and at R50 there was no nd to resist it...i was thinking, with all the time u spend in the shops, there kud be a gd chance ur baby will be born there ;-)



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