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Monday, June 6, 2011

Belt Giveaway

Hey Guys,
I have the cutest giveaway IF you're belly is Not expanding like mine.....
It's a skinny waistbelt with a horse buckle, I absolutely LOVE it....!!!
It's a M/L....
Please enter by telling me what crisis you have before leaving your house in the morning.......Example:
1.Mine is SOCKS...I can never find them, match them and sometimes they're too long (knee socks), too short (ankle socks) and if they're blk they end up in my fiance's draw!!!! Only to never be seen or worn again!!!
2. Blk tights or leggings.....Amongst all my other blk items they're just never there and they're a staple......And inevitably I'm having a "mini-cant-find-my Meltdown"......Rushing around....removing and re-fitting....One would think I could just pick out my clothes at Night....Sorri dolls tried that but, I'm a woman...it's all about how I feel in the morning....lol....Ok while it's happening it's not funny!!!
Ok Get it?....
Love Ya,
Ps if you're smaller I can punch more holes into the belt...so no need to fret!


  1. Hey sweety,that is a really cute belt!so lets see apart from the fact that i wait till the last minute to get up cause its soo cold in the morning, i seem to rush around every morning,i run from the room the the toilet,from the toilet to the kitchen and all you hear is heels, my typical malfunctions is stocking,jerseys and leggings,looking for anything black at 5:30 in the morning is just desasterous!

  2. Hey Vanessa, Thanks for popping in,I hear you...I cnt seem to get out of bed myself luckily Ihave the heater right at my bed that seems to help.....!mwah, Wendy

  3. HAHAHA,can jst picture u havin ur meltdown wens...becos i've had a few of that. get dressed completely and then 5 mins before i have to leave i look in the mirror again and it jst all looks wrong. so off eveything comes again leavin my room lookin like a bomb went off!my malfunction seems to be stockings, they seem to go into the wash whole and then when i wnat to put it on there's a rip. and nt just in 1 pair...then i'm left with a pile of stockings before i eventually (20 mins later) find 1 that doesn't have a rip...nt sure who's fighting with who in the washing machine!!lol

    Ilhaam (can't seem to access my profile)

  4. I agree about the sock thing. I clearly need to buy more socks! I've planned three outfits so far at night. I am hoping that I can continue.

    PS: love the belt!

  5. Haha, Ya if you knwo someone that has a connection with socks lemme know.....!!!
    As for planning my outfit, i dont try it on and then once I've put it on in the morning I dnt love it and I will go to Dames to crit and then I change again...Somehow Summer just seems alot easier....?

  6. Mornings are always a rush, feels like there is no time for anything and as it's almost time to leave there's still the hair, trying to get it decent is so hard when you're rushing out the door!!

    S-J xxx


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