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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Casa Labia

Hey Guys,
I must apologise for not updating my blog BUT, I got something sooo exciting happening that I've been occupied...all I can say for now is "Closet Space!"!!!!

Anyway that doesn't mean I havent been out and about....I met up with my longest standing friends from primary school and it was freaking AWESUM!!
I killed myself with laughter through the entire gathering!!!!

We went to Casa Labia and its a stunning stunning place!!!! It's an art gallery too...it has an awesum garden so we popped out to catch the lastrays of sun overlooking the sea!!! Oh and of coz I had to have their Italian ice cream!!!! Heaven in my spoon!!!!


  1. That ice-cream look delish! Love your cute dress!

  2. good times!tx 4 playing taxi ;-)i'm regretting not having had the ice cream, bugger!! LOL!

  3. I haven't been there yet and it's around the corner from home. Tell more about the venue? Could it be an idea for an event?
    Your dress is really gorgeous. It looks so easy and comfortable and cheeky at the same time.

  4. Hey Guys,
    @ Anthea, oh Ant, the ice-cream was freakin awesum!
    @len, you mustve driven past a million times, its right next to the SAPS museum!its a gallery too...
    @Ilhaam no prob really had an awesum time!! Yes the ice cream is a must, y did u have that dry Scone?lol...

  5. hey guys!
    What a fun brunch it was. Never a dull moment with you guys. Cant wait for the next one minus the deleted lmimp.
    Police communication official of Kirstenhof Police. lol.

  6. Anon......I say my friend!!! Hello there!!!!lol...Are you here to communicate Police busniess with us???!!!!lol...
    Yes we def an swesum lunch, u guys killed me with laughter......Stunning Day!

  7. Oh guys,
    Look down at the previous pic of us and see if you can match who they are in the pic.....


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