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Monday, November 22, 2010

Florals and Bubbles

Hey Peeps,
To most of your disappointment it rained this weekend! We have had the most awesome weather in the week and then it rained on sat...
So now as most of you know I now live in this Grey cardi which now goes with everything....I refuse to go down without a fight so there I was picking out exterior paint colour with my fiance....in a floral combo bubble dress....

We took 6months to decide on a colour....I've been mulling over the swatch cards forever...we finally pick a colour...leave to swatch at home...Get to dulux...and go with another colour all together.....

Yes people...Signed, Sealed delivered....we picked it out in 5 seconds.....

Same for the dress....I went into Legit saw it and loved it....it's floral on the top and a denim like knit into a bubble and it came with the belt....I simply love the cute attitude to it...Seemed a bit short for paint shopping but, hey..I only live once....and long legs are hard to find!!!

To those friends who've been supportive, sending compliments and popping in at my blog regularly...Love you guys!...nothing like peeps rooting for your happiness with good intention!!!


  1. Gorgeous dress and congrats on picking a colour!

  2. love the dress!!! and you look lovely!!! as always..

  3. realy lovely dress...and great legs...now get painting :-)

  4. @Ant,Thx

    @Hayley,Hello Girl, Congrats on your new job!!

    @Ilhaam,Thx Babes, lol!! Mwah!


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