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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sorbet Sunday

I LOVE shorts but, I know there's a fine line between beach shorts and let go to the mall shorts....
Love the Foschini shorts that I'm wearing here because it's just the right length...It has a turn-up which is always substantial at hugging your leg and a wide band with military buttons....We all know how much love the military influence!!!
The voile cami is awesome from Mr price...it's so light and airy....and the sorbet mint colour is sooo In right now...I love the muted toned colours as they work with every skin tone...
And yes my Fav bag and my Fav hat which actually matched the outfit!!!!!!
Perfect Summer Sorbet Sunday!!!


  1. Hehe, I think this is maybe a bit more safari than military. And I do love a touch of that!

  2. this screams summer! are capris pants still in cos i can't really wear shorts? thought maybe that could be my alternative?

  3. like the hat!


  4. I realise now that you can't even see the gold military buttons in the pics....Agree on the safari.....predictable as I live in Africa....?lol!!!
    @Ilhaam, I def think that capri's will be here come summer cuz SA is such a casual dressed country...Think it's always about finding the right one and pairing it with the right items!!!..Now if summer could only show up here!!!


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