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Monday, October 25, 2010

Black Coffee

I's so fortunate the I can wear shorts to work.....
I love denim shorts as they suck eveything in...These shorts are soo cute cuz the have studs at the top edege of the pockets....Also they're versatile cuz they blk denim....Although summer will show us how to femme it up with soft colours..I still love the harder, more edgy take on blk!!!
The tee I'm wearing is a cute tee with a tulle 3-d bow....It is massive but, I love it...The bigger the better!!!! (from Mr Price)
Cute, Easy and Sexy....


  1. this looks great on u!..then again everything does :-) mwah!

  2. I love denim shorts, I live in mine in the summer!

  3. Thanks for popping guys guys!! I appreciate it!....Denim shorts....my take is that it has to cut my leg and the right part....Cnt be too short...then I keep pulling at it.....The best part of it is when you take old jeans you love that are outdated and make them into shorts the are the right length for you....You cnt go wrong...!

  4. Wends I love the shoes. Where from? x


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