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Monday, August 23, 2010

Winter Warmers

Here I am blogging about spring summer.....when all of a sudden we get rain pouring the entire weekend...!!!!

My fiance says there's nothing on the blog for men so I decided to surprise everyone with an update on the winter staples just in case this ghastly weather was gonna last longer than the weekend....
5 Winter Warmer Staples
1. A good leather jkt or a version....Damien is wearing a leather bomber with badges and I wore a satin biker....U know how I love shiny stuff!!
2. Good pair of skinnies...Better in a dark blue wash for winter...also can go into summer for a smarter less casual look!
3.Studded item....I wore studded bag, he wore studded belt.
4.Layering Item....He wore low vee button down t-shirt with another tee peep-out, I wore a hoodie under the jkt in case it got warm I could remove it...the summer layering item would be a waterfall cardi..they're every wear!!!
5.Ugg boots....Yes...they're my ultimate winter warmer....I even have a pair of ugg slippers with fur and velvet bows...I will not face winter without an ugg on my foot!!!!!
And there you have it...Let me know what are your 5 ultimate winter warmers are....I'd love to see or hear about them....


  1. Love the pics of you guys! You must please let me or Rueben take some for your blog some time!

  2. Hey Wendy. What is your view on short girls wearing maxi dresses? I fell in love with one at Jay Jays, but I didn't even fit it on. :( Scared it will make me look like a midget.

  3. i agree with all of these! :) thank you for your comment - i am also hosting a giveaway for a really awesome set of animal rings and i hope you'll check it out! :) hope to see you soon!!


  4. Hi Guys thanks for your comments, Appreciate you visiting the blog...
    @Ant...thought about it all day yday...I never thought about that since you know I'm tall but, I think getting the dress that fits just at your ankle and not sweeping on the floor helps...the other thing I would recomend is to wear a halter neck that gives you extra length making your appear taller but, I consider the maxi a good all rounder for eveyone as it is very forgiving...
    PS watch out for the maxi skirt this summer...Gonna be very directional.....!!


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