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Monday, April 11, 2011

Airport Adventure

Hi everyone,
Howsit going....? If any of you know me personally you know my Dad travels quite a bit...Now Amber thinks the airport is a place that we go for Lunch...lol

Anyway it was quite hot and as you can see in Cape Town we always take full advantage of the last rays of Sun....

There this massive elephant infrot of the airport that you can put money into for charity...So these are some pics of us around the airport....


  1. I love your cute printed dress. I spent my day indoors yesterday though... not very typical Capetonian.

  2. Very cute pics Wendy! Amber is just too beautiful! Love your floral dress.

  3. Thanks guys, I didn't realise it but I see we all wore PINK...
    @Ant, thanks again for the camera!
    @Len, aaawh man u were having a moment, I will give you that!lol

  4. when the pics popped up on my screen i thought u planned the whole pink thing...i wudn't put it past u!;-)mini-wendy looks as cute as ever!
    iv gone past that elephant so many times but i never really paid any attention 2 it, i'll check it out when i come this weekend :-)

  5. LOL!! Ilhaam, You must put money in the log infront of it!!! It's for Charity....that means that nobody was paying attention to it!
    I know you think I'm mal but, no I didnt plan it!lokl!!


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