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Friday, December 17, 2010


Ok So all of us who have a blog kows how difficult it can be to blog about something every single week....Luckily, I always have someting to say and I'm very rarely left speechless!!!So even though the year is coming to an end...here I am blogging away!!!

Sunday Damien's family came over to wish me...So as you can see in the pc with me is Len, the older of Damien's sisters....I would like to say that she really is Something Special, she reminds me soooo much of myself. Always trying her best to make everything better for everyone....Like i say to her....We're saving the world...lol....Len, thx sooo much for your undying support ..We Love you!!The gorgeous little girl is our niece Laila....Cute!

I wore a ruby red one shoulder jumpsuit...I simply love it...It's got a bow on the shoulder!!! Len is wearing a colourblock maxi dress, A summer staple in SA (from Truworths).....Awesumness!!!

Love Wens,xxx


  1. Love the jumpsuit, the colour is so striking. Sweet words about Len.

  2. that is a stunning / stylish jumper, jissie how much clothes do you really have??? my word i don't think you need to wear anything twice!! and you look good in it too!!! :)

  3. Hi Wendy, for those who forgot their Google info, they can just choose the "Name/URL" option in the "Comment as" box. They can just enter their name and leave out the URL.


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