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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mash -Up !!

There are many days when I feel like I can just through my favourite items together.....I call it a Mash-up and this look can work or you could possibly die a Fashion Victim Death of note... I think it turned out pretty well!!!
1.My Fav cropped denim jkt with studs (from Edgars)...Love
2.Blush colour tee with bows that are detachable from the top(From Foschini) Love!!
3.Harem Track with blk waistband (From Topshop Uk)....Love
4.Stud Hybrids.... (From Foschini)....Love!Add heels to a casual pant to give ur look an edge!!
5.Coral coloured toe-nail polish..(From Avon).....Besotted!!! Pop of colour brightens up any look!!


  1. Very fun post! Love all the fave items!

  2. Thanks Ant,
    Love this track harem pants sooo easy to wear!!


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